Homeat Courier Guide


This manual includes information about everything you need to follow in order to become a Homeat Courier Partner. You will be able to start delivering with Homeat after you form an understanding of this manual, and through that raise your monthly income and work flexible hours in the city of Copenhagen.

You will be taught the following things by reading this manual:

  • What is Homeat?
  • How to get going
  • How to sign up
  • Gear
  • Appearance & Dresscode
  • Delivering with Homeat
  • Communicating with Homeat
  • Potential problems

What is Homeat?

Homeat is a brand-new platform that allows Copenhagen’s best restaurants to deliver hand-crafted meal-kits to your home. Delivered at your door-step, the meal-kits take less than 30 min. to prepare. Homeat is a community that allows restaurants, food enthusiast, and kitchen rookies to come together and share ideas.

We don’t want to give just great service, we want to give EXCELLENT service, and this is why we want YOU to join our team! 

How to get going

Anyone can sign up to deliver with Homeat, although some criteria exist.

  • You'll need a car 🚗
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a Danish CPR number
  • Have a smartphone, with a data plan 📱

How to sign up

We made it as simple as possible for you to become a Homeat Courier. Please follow the steps below:

  • Download and sign up for the app here
  • Upon confirmation of the contract you will receive a login key that you will use to login to the app. 


You will be provided the following items by Homeat:

  • Homeat T-shirt
  • Flamingo boxes (please read below)
  • Thermometer

OBS! You start each delivery by picking up the necessary amount of Flamingo boxes at the headquarters of Homeat. Address: Guldbergsgade 3, 2200. You are obligated to drop them off at the same location at the end of the delivery.

There are a few things that you will need to acquire yourself which are:

  • A charger cable for your smartphone or a power bank
    (So your battery doesn’t die while you’re making deliveries)
  • USB-adapter 
    (To plug your phone charger in)
  • Phone holder 
    (To ensure safety on the road)

Appearance & Dress Code

Homeat's standards

We want you to be proud of being a Homeat Courier Partner, since we are proud to be partnering with you. Therefor we expect you to show the same respectful and professional treatment as we are showing. In representing Homeat, respectful appearance and hygiene matter. People around the city, restaurant staff, and most importantly customers will experience you representing Homeat. Remember that you are the face of our company, do us proud!

Appearance 👍

  • Homeat clothing
  • Presentable pants
  • Good hygiene


Appearance 👎

  • Baggy sweatpants
  • Sandals or flipflops
  • Shirts without sleeves
  • Anything displaying political or religious messages 

Delivering with Homeat

Now that you are familiar with the signing up process, what gear you need, and how to look when representing Homeat, it’s time to walk you through the delivery.

Before starting your delivery route, please make sure that:

  • Your appearance is according to Homeat’s standards
  • You have all the gear and full battery on your phone

One delivery consists of four parts:

  1. Receiving and accepting a delivery task. You start each delivery by picking up the necessary amount of Flamingo boxes at the headquarters of Homeat. Address: Guldbergsgade 3, 2200. You are obligated to drop them off at the same location at the end of the delivery.
  2. Picking up the order from the restaurant
  3. Dropping off the order to the customer
  4. Returning the Flamingo boxes to the HQ

Remember that you are representing Homeat at all time during the delivery process. Please do not forget that a smile goes a long way! 

Communicating with Homeat

Communicating is the most important key to a successful result between Homeat and it’s couriers. Please follow our pillars of communication:

  • Calling
  • Messaging
  • Email

Potential problems

Delivering orders can be a busy process, and mistakes happen. We made a simple guide for you to know what to do if/when a difficult situation arises.

Customer does not accept or the take the order:

Be polite and apologize for the inconvenience. Do not under any circumstances get into an argument with a customer. Let the customer politely know that this issue will be taken care of. Please call HQ to resolve the issue.

The food is spilled all over my car or Flamingo Box:

Contact HQ immediately. Do not under any circumstances deliver orders with packaging faults due to hygiene reasons.

I got into an accident:

Depending on the seriousness call the emergency center and then inform HQ.

The Restaurant is late with the order:

Be polite and wait, never get into an argument with the restaurant. Stay polite and calm and call HQ to resolve the issue.

I cannot reach the customer:

If the customer does not pickup their phone please dial 3 times, then call HQ.

Do not hesitate to call HQ if any other problems related with the delivery may arise